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Dear Parents,

 In 2019, HPB is launching a series of educational articles for parents, which include topics such as nutrition, physical activity, mental wellness and even sleep! These articles are specifically curated to guide parents on healthy tricks and treats to guide them in their daily activities with their children.

 For a start, there are two articles on (1)Managing Transition and (2) Sleep. These articles aim to help parents learn the right skills, lifestyle habit changes during the transition phase, and important sleep tips.

 Do stay tuned for the upcoming articles in this series, and we hope that parents will benefit from them!

Dear parents,

Here are some tips which can guide you to help your children to express themselves appropriately online. 

2019 Connect T1 Parents Tipsheet.pdf 

Other useful resources:

  1. Building Resilience in Our Children
  2. Raising Confident Children
  3. Supporting Your Child Through Transition
  4. Praise and Gratitude
  5. Conversations with your child can be made more meaningful and nurturing with S.P.A.C.E.
  6. Nurture your child's perseverance and love of learning through positive messages.
  7. Ideas for family bonding activities
  8. 'Love Them, Talk About Sex' - A guide to help parents communicate with their children on sexuality issues
  9. Conversation starters
  10. Dealing with peer pressure and the media influence
  11. Tips to help your child self-regulate and manage his emotions (Source: Common Sense Media)
  12. Care for your child's emotional health and build your child's emotional resilience with these strategies:
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2
  13. Ideas on toning down your child's strong language (Source: Common Sense Media)
  14. Try out this problem-solving approach to help your child become a self-directed learner
  15. Journeying with Our Children, Achieving Their Aspirations: A Guide for Parents/Guardians in Education & Career Guidance (ECG)
  16. Hand in Hand Journeying Together: A guide to understanding the role of educators, ECG counsellors and other stakeholders in guiding your child
  17. Help your Child Explore What's Next After PSLE/N/O/A levels
  18. Play a Part in Helping Your Children Navigate their ECG Pathways & Taking the Next Step Forward