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The Care Space

Dear Students, 

Hi! Hope you are keeping well. 

The website, The Care Space hopes to reach out to you. Please browse the pages and under Our Reflections, inspire and encourage others with your sharing. Should you need a listening ear, do share with Aunt Elizabeth. You may be interested in the Resources to Engage Children (Educational Resources, YouTube Channels, Online Games, Reading and Virtual Tours) found in the Enabling Guide. Do use your PEPS Gmail account to log into the website.

Take good care of yourself. 

Happy Holidays! ☺

Best wishes,

Ms Audrey

29 Apr 2020
PEPS HB(LTD) Edition Challenge
18 Oct 2019
WE Stories 2019

WE STories is a compilation of stories from all the west zone secondary schools, which we hope would provide our P6ers with information about the strengths and distinctiveness of each secondary school that will in turn, help them make good choices on the secondary schools that best suit their needs, interests and aspirations.

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18 Feb 2019
Parent Engagement Practices (PEP)

Dear Parents,

MOE has launched the Parent Engagement Practices (PEP) for stronger school-home partnerships which focuses on student outcomes which we want to see when there is positive engagement between parents and schools, based on mutual trust and respect. Do take the time to read through the guidelines provided here.

24 Jan 2019
Parents Gateway

Parents Gateway is an initiative by MOE to enable parents to interact with schools more conveniently on administrative and financial matters. Parents will also be able to use this mobile application to stay updated on school's programme and activities.

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01 Jan 2018
School Calendar

For quick access to school calendar, click here.

01 Jan 2018
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