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Programme for Active Learning (PAL) for P1 & P2

Background of PAL

As the world around us becomes increasingly complex, competitive and inter-connected, there is a continuous need to ensure that our children are equipped with not just content knowledge, but also with the necessary skills and dispositions to thrive in the fast-changing and globalised future. We would like to see that they develop self confidence, become an independent learner and a caring citizen to our society in the 21st Century.

What is PAL?

With this as the premise, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has accepted the recommendations from the Primary Education Review & Implementation (PERI) Committee to implement PAL with the broad objective to further strengthen the provision of holistic education at primary level.

PAL gives greater emphasis to non-academic programmes within the curriculum as it recognizes such programmes facilitate well-rounded development of pupils in the moral, social, physical, aesthetic and emotional dimensions of learning and provide another effective platform to develop life-skills via exposure to a broad range of activities from a young age.

Under PAL, all P1 & P2 pupils will participate in modular activities in two broad areas, Sports and Outdoor Education, and Performing and Visual Arts. This will provide pupils with the opportunity to discover their various interests and talents, and the opportunity to specialize by taking a main CCA elective if they so choose at a later stage.

Source: PAL MOE