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Satellite Partnership

Princess Elizabeth Primary School embarked on the Satellite Partnership with Eden School in 2013. This partnership involves social integration between staff and pupils of the 2 schools in a series of purposeful interactive activities. Our pupils get the added opportunity to practise their life skills and apply their values-in-actions in an authentic setting. 

As the satellite activities are highly interactive in nature, our pupils have exhibited our school core values distinctively. They show care and concern to pupils with special needs and demonstrate social responsibility and empathy to those in need. They get to know each other better; raise understanding of autism and promote social acceptance of others.

A platform of such nature widens our pupils’ perspectives to develop them in the ‘Hearts’ by exposing our pupils to the social issues faced by the local community; the ‘Hands’ ie opportunities in serving; and ‘Heads’ in thinking through and responding appropriately to the needs of others.