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3-Aug-2018 (Fri)

ClassDojo - Mobile App Version

Dear Parents, Please use only the mobile app version and avoid using the web browser version to access it. For more details, click here.

26-Jul-2018 (Thu)

West Zone Secondary School Stories

Please click here to view the inaugural issue of WESTories, a collection of stories from the secondary schools, specialised and specialised independent schools in the West Zone.

19-Mar-2018 (Mon)

Subject-based Banding (Primary) Brochure

Please click here to download the brochures.

25-Jan-2018 (Thu)

Speak Mandarin Campaign Parent-Child Talent Competition 2018

Please click here for more information.

1-Jan-2018 (Mon)

School Calendar

For quick access to school calendar, click here.

1-Jan-2018 (Mon)

Announcements & Downloads

To view more announcements and downloads, click here.