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Head Of Department

Mdm Nur Hazreen Bte Subadar


Students will be scientific inquirers with a sense of curiosity for the environment.


To inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry


Inquiry-based Learning
Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) is adopted as a school-wide approach in the teaching and learning of Science. Students are taken through 5 key stages of learning in the 5E Instructional Model - Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate – as they discover and reinforce the learning of Science concepts.

Investigative Case-based Learning
Students learn and reinforce Science concepts as they engage in Investigative Case-based Learning (ICBL). Through ICBL, students develop 21st Century Competencies as they carry out investigative tasks based on cases set in familiar and realistic contexts.

Key Programmes

Math & Science Festival

The inaugural Math and Science STEM Fest was launched in July virtually via our very own personalised Google Site! Encouraging self-directed learning, it aims to expose our students to learning through hands-on exploration of S.T.E.M activities and questions posed.

Following easing of safe management measures, students had opportunities to buzz their ideas with one another in the Innospace. They were guided by the demo videos played in there. With curiosities sparked, they completed the rest of the activity at home and shared their reflections on Padlet.  




Science Learning Journey

Learning journeys allow pupils’ learning to be extended beyond the classroom, where real-life experiences can help pupils relate concepts learnt to situations they observe in the surrounding.

P3 Learning Journey to the Singapore Zoo


P3 Virtual Learning Journey to Singapore Zoo

Due to Safe Management Measures, a virtual Learning to Singapore Zoo was conducted for our P3 students. 
In a live Zoom session with the Singapore Zoo facilitator, students explored the movements of different animals and learnt about the characteristics of the mousedeer, the flying fox and the jungle nymph.



P4 Learning Journey to Gardens By The Bay



P6 Learning Journey to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve


P6 Virtual Learning Journey to Sungei Buloh

Due to the current pandemic situation, we brought our P6 students on a virtual tour to the Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve. The students learnt about the conditions of a Mangrove habitats and were introduced to the various living things there. They also learned about the behavioural and structural adaptations that help the living things cope and survive in the environment they live in. The P6 students enjoyed the interactive experience very much.