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Head of Department

Mrs Joyce Lee

Subject Head

Ms Sonia Lee Lu Mei


A learning garden where we grow and glow


To nurture every one of us to our fullest potential

National Education (NE) Vision

A Learning garden where pupils love Singapore

Purpose of NE Education in Singapore

The objective is to develop national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future.

National Education/ Social Studies (NE/SS)  in Princess Elizabeth Primary School

The National NE/SS committee aims to develop our pupils in becoming self-directed learners, active contributors, concerned citizens and confident persons through our integrated curriculum and deployment of teachers from the various IP committees.

Commemorating the 4 NE Core Events

  1. Total Defence Day 
  2. International Friendship Day
  3. Racial Harmony Day
  4. National Day

The aim of commemorating these events is to cultivate a sense of belonging to Singapore and help pupils to recognize and understand the challenges facing Singapore and what it means to be a Singaporean. 

Signature Programme

1) P1-P6 SAF Rededication Day
2) Production of CCE/ NE Big Books by pupils to teach values

Social Studies (SS) Curriculum

The Social Studies curriculum aims to develop the civic competencies of our pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 6. Civic competencies, which encompass the body of knowledge, skills and values expressed in the Philosophy of SS, will empower students to be informed, concerned and participative citizens. 

NE Ambassadors Programme

Our NE Ambassadors’ programme aims to foster a sense of identity, pride and self-respect among Singaporeans. Our ambassadors will develop good communication skills to better impart their love for nation, community and home. We seek to develop their confidence in public speaking and become effective communicators. Our ambassador will also share the Singapore Story with their peers, as well as find innovative ways to publicize the 6 NE messages.

This year, in line with the SG50 celebrations, our NE ambassadors will also get the opportunity to participate in a Mobile Exhibition-Valuing Our Pioneer Generations’ Contributions. Through this platform, the NE ambassadors of Princess Elizabeth Primary School aim to recognise their alumni who have contributed to the Singapore Story.