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Level Head - ML/TL

Mdm Fadhillah


Our students will be proficient in their Mother tongue and love their culture.


Develop in our students the oral, listening, writing and reading skills and imbue in them the love for their culture through Instructional and Enrichment Programmes.

Enrichment Programmes

Reading Programmes
Moo-O Reading Enhancement (MORE)
Reading Nook
World Book Day
MSSR ( Modelled Sustained Silent Reading)
Smart Reader Programme – Program Pembaca Bijak (P1 to P6)
      • Reading Log Book
      • Class Library
Students’ voice in selection of ML story books for School Library

Oral Fluency Programmes
Speak Bahasa Baku Programme
Think on your Feet – Spontan Sahaja
Show and Tell
Use of MTV (Making Thinking Visible) routines to hone oral fluency

Creative Writer Programmes
Journal Writing
Word Bank – Bank Kekata
Use of Pena Emas Package
Kindness Composition
Majalah Cetusan 9.0 (collaboration with 8 other primary schools)
Workshop on Creative Writing by a Malay story book writer

Other Programmes
Hari Raya Concert
Mother Tongue Fortnight
Use of Games in teaching & learning: Didik Hibur, Kit Cekap
Use of ICT: Pintar Kata App / Peribahasa App / Cerita Nusantara App
Learning Journey ( P3 to P6 )
     • Learning Journey through the provision of the MLLPC Cultural Performance Exposure Fund
Workshop for Parents ( P1 to P6 )
Conversational Malay
National Soliloquy Competition


MEKAR onlinehttps://tinta.moe.edu.sg/mekar/slot/u112/ML/index.html

Gallery Highlight on some of our ML Programmes

Mother Tongue Fortnight
Understanding Dikir BaratAsian Dance - Kuda Kepang

Moo-O Reading Enhancement (MORE)

Learning Journey through the provision of the MLLPC Cultural Performance Exposure Fund
Primary 3 Students (2017) on a Learning Journey to watch a show titled, Panda Pandai, by Teater Kami

Use of ICT : Pintar Kata (Smart in Vocabulary) App
5 students from Primary 5 took part in the National Pintar Kata App Competition – 2017
Marsya Sarah came in 7th place out of 280 students who participated


Students explore the App and expand their vocabulary learning in a fun and engaging way

Students’ voice in selection of Malay story books for School Library

National Soliloquy Competition 2016

PEPS hosted this competition for the second year, which is organised jointly with Perkumpulan Seni (Arts Group). The objective of the competition is to promote the creative use of the Malay Language through speech and drama.

National Soliloquy Competition 2015

The first year that PEPS hosted this national competition

Majulah Cetusan 9.0

Launch of the Malay magazine for students – Majalah Cetusan 9.0, which PEPS collaborated with 8 other primary schools. The two student’s composition are selected to be published in the first issue of the magazine