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TL Coordinator

Mrs Muthu


Develop in our pupils the oral, listening, writing and reading skills and imbue in them the love for their culture through the Instructional Programme and the Enrichment Programme

Reading Programme

Moo-O Reading Enhancement Programme
Reading Portfolio (MTV Routines)
Use of Magazine and Manavar Tamil Murasu (P4 - P6)
Book Sharing (P4 - P6)
Reading Nook
MSSR (Modelled Sustained Silent Reading)
Class Library
    • Reading Log Book
    • Class Library

Oral Fluency Programme
Think on your feet
One minute talk
Use of MTV (Making Thinking Visible) routines to improve oral skills
E-Videos (Making Thinking Visible) routines to improve oral skills

Creative Writing Programme
Enhanced Composition Package (P4)
Kindness Composition
Word Bank Book

Other Progammes

Interactive  Storytelling
Learning  Journey – Appreciation of Live Drama
Workshop for Parents (P1 –P6) 
National Spelling Bee Competition by Mediacorp Tamil Seithi
Deepavali Concert
Use of games in teaching and learning – Thentamil Toolkit
Tamil Competitions

Tamil Websites

To provide platforms for students to actively learn MTL and the associated culture. Also to provide authentic opportunities for students to use MTL and experience the culture.
Spelling Bee  Our Tamil Poets


 Learning about Spices Kolam Drawing
 TL5.png TL6.png
 ThooranamParents in Action 

Other Highlights
 TL9.png TL10.png
Our P5TL students
Finalist for the National Spelling Bee Competition