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Head Of Department

Mrs Daphne Choy

Level Head

Mr Shahroom


Enriching Education through ICT.


To promote a pervasive ICT culture that develops 21st century competencies and nurtures independent and life-long learners.

6-year Progressive ICT Skills Programme

In order for pupils to fully benefit from a curriculum enriched by ICT, they are equipped with a set of ICT skill competencies that are integrated into core subject areas and Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW).

Technology in Teaching & Learning




To develop the next generation of future-ready innovators and encourage the development of 21CC, the school offers a range of engaging activities for all students that foster the value of empathy, spirit of creativity and inventive thinking skill. Through these activities, students are provided with the opportunity to synthesise and apply knowledge and skills from various areas of learning with real-life applications.

Chinese New Year Celebrations – Students create the costume to depict the year of the dog in the lunar calendar.Lower Primary Teachers learn how to create a LED card using Chibitronics.

Characters Alive Day – Students unleash their creativity by making an accessory or a costume of their favourite book character.
Teachers undergo a Design Thinking Workshop to have a better understanding of the approach that is used in Primary 3 Project Work.