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Head Of Department

Mdm Dalvindar Kaur

Level Head  

Miss Chin Sau Lai
Mdm Ow May Ling Angeline

Lead Teacher  

Mdm Sanmuga Malar

Senior Teacher  

Miss Goh Ser Ling Nicole
Mrs Susan Kwan


A peak of Excellence in the mastery and use of the English Language.


To hone our pupils’ literacy skills in the English Language.


We write as we speak.
We learn a language to speak the language.
Teaching a language is the purposeful transmission of skills and concepts.


Speak English Not Singlish.


Every pupil, our focus. Every teacher, a key.


Our teachers are passionate about teaching English Language via sound pedagogy and the effective use of resources. 

The emphasis of the English Language syllabus is on building a strong foundation for developing proficiency in English for everyday situations and functional purposes. Proficiency in English will give pupils access to the outside world and opportunities for further training and education.

Pupils’ language use is reflected in the following areas of language learning:
  • Listening and Viewing
  • Readingand Viewing
  • Speaking and Representing
  • Writing and Representing
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
Our 6-year Oral Fluency Programme aims to inspire the love for reading in pupils, build up pupils’ confidence, self-esteem and oral competency skills through drama and get every pupil to speak confidently, proficiently and spontaneously in the English Language.

Level Development of Oral Communication Skills (All) Differentiated Instruction Activities
Curriculum Time (Term 1) Curriculum Time (Term 2 - Term 4) Low Progress Pupils High Progress Pupils
P1 Fun with Songs and Rhymes Role Play / Dramatization ChoralReading ChoralReading Riddles Show, Tell & Ask Me (STAM)
P2 Fun with Songs and Rhymes Role Play / Dramatization Readers’ Theatre Chants Readers’ Theatre Tongue Twisters Show, Tell & Ask Me (STAM)
P3 Show, Tell & Ask Me (STAM) Role-Play Show, Tell & Ask Me (STAM) Readers’ Theatre Role-play
P4 Show, Tell & Ask Me (STAM) Drama Conventions Share-a-book/ Promote-a-book Story Retelling
P5 Fluency in Public Speaking Critical and Creative Thinking in Oral Conversation Fluency in Public Speaking Talent Platform - Sing a song - Dramatisation - Story-reading and Story-Telling Public Speaking PRESS Programme Story-reading and story-Telling
P6 Fluency in Public Speaking Public Speaking PSLE Preparation (Oral Conversation) Talent Platform - Sing a song - Dramatisation Public Speaking PRESS Programme

The main pedagogical approach adopted in teaching English is STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading).  STELLAR pedagogy lends itself well to the development of 21st Century Competencies.
STELLAR aims to strengthen both language and reading skills as well as promote a positive attitude towards reading in the foundational years through the use of well-established, learner-centred and developmentally appropriate pedagogical approaches using authentic children's literature.

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The three strategies at the lower-primary level:
  • Shared Book Approach (SBA)
  • Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA)
  • Learning Centres (LC)

The three strategies at the upper-primary level:
  • SupportedReading(SR)
  • Retelling
  • Know-Want to Know-Learnt (KWL)
  • Sentence Manipulation
  • Writing Process Cycle (WPC)
  • Differentiated Instruction (DI)