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Values-in-Actions (VIA)


In PEPS, the Thomas Lickona’s (1991) Moral “Knowing”, “Feeling” & “Action” theoretical framework is used in guiding the planning of our VIA curriculum, aligning our VIA efforts with national directions.

Preparing students to be future-ready citizens, the school provides platforms to develop students in serving and leading with empathy and to contribute to school and community actively, internalising and demonstrating values through meaningful experiences in VIA.

Design of VIA programmes is guided by a framework which engages students in a developmental and progressive manner in terms of age-appropriateness and the level of involvement.

School’s VIA Framework

- All students engaged in segmented and progressive manner; age-appropriate

    - P1 and P2 – class-based activities

    - P3 and P4 – school-based activities

    - P5 and P6 – community-based

    - CCA groups eg Girls’ Brigade, Environmental Club.

Reviews are conducted to strengthen communication of rationale for VIA, increase student involvement and ownership in the planning of activities. Reflections and assessment of students’ learning outcomes are carefully monitored.