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Student Leadership Development

Head of Department

Mrs Joyce Lee Geok Ching

Student Leadership Development Coordinator

Mrs Marselyn Jonatan

Student Leadership

PEPS Student Leadership programmes aim to provide students more opportunities to learn in line with their interest s and to better ready them for life in the 21st century. The school embarks on a segmented approach to student leadership development to cater to needs and expectations of students across the levels. It also seeks to ensure a progressive approach to development of SE Competencies among the students. The specially designed programmes will provide opportunities for extension of learning across the domains of school to community to nation to environment to world. They also encourage students from different tiers to exercise creativity and to innovate in their leadership development. 

Prefect Investiture cum PLEDGE Club Initation

The Prefects Investiture is a yearly ceremony to introduce the prefects to the school and to install all the prefects into their roles for the year. The head prefect, deputy head prefects, prefect EXCO and the prefects from Primary 3 to 6 are unveiled in the ceremony. On top of that, PLEDGE Club members which form the highest tier of student leaders in the school are initiated as well. In this ceremony, the prefects and PLEDGE  Club members pledged their commitment and loyalty to the school not only as student leaders but also as leaders who are embracing the values of servant leadership.
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Teacher's Day Concert

PLEDGE Club being the highest tier of the student leaders body in the school came together to plan, craft, organise and execute the memorable Annual Teacher’s Day Celebrations as one of the many avenues to recognise the passions of our teachers and appreciation for their contributions. Prefectorial Board came on board as well to inject the added sense of exuberance into the celebration. The hard work and dedication put in by the student leaders could be seen through the meticulous programs that ranges from the well-executed musical performance, “The Moose” as a fun-loving parody spin-off from the much-loved “The Noose” and energetic mob flash dance just to name a few. A truly memorable celebration indeed!
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Student Leadership Camp 2016

Student Leaders Camp held in 2016 is an inaugural camp for student leaders from the different student leader groups, namely Prefects, CCA leaders and the NE Ambassadors. The camp provides experiential learning through learning journeys and hands-on activities. Student leaders come together not only to foster good relationship but also to serve others and to put their leadership skills into action. With the empowerment gained from the camp, these student leaders actualise themselves as leaders who are able to serve and in turn empower others.
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Global Leadership Program to Foshan and Fulong, China 

The programme is coined as part of developing students leaders 21st Century Competencies in global awareness, endurance and  being a socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community. The selected student leaders  not only explored the rich cultural heritage of Guangzhou, China , they were also involved in setting up a library in Fulong together with students from Dali Experimental School in Foshan. The student leaders were involved in some farming work as well to further enhance their intercultural understanding and sharpen their self-awareness.