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Student Leadership Development

Head of Department

Mrs Joyce Lee

Subject Head - Student Leadership & VIA

Mrs Marselyn Jonatan

Student Leadership Development

Princess Elizabeth Primary School (PEPS) Student Leadership Development body aims to develop every student in the school to be a steadfast leader with a heart of service to the school and community. The school views every student with the potential to be developed as a leader.

The three board dimensions of leadership namely self, team and thought are calibrated in the school programs. This is to ensure the holistic development of the student in the three dimension of leadership. On top of that, PEPS dispositional approach to leadership focused on cultivation of values and dispositions in students.

As such, student leaders are provided with opportunities to be developed through a segmented training approach. This is to cater to the needs and expectations of students across the levels. It also seeks to ensure a progressive approach to the development of social-emotional competencies among the students.

Eventually, the specially designed programs provide student leaders with opportunities to extend their learning and apply what they have learnt in school community, local community and global community.

Student Leadership Development Framework - Values

The centre of the Student Leadership Framework is the school core values, ASPIRE.

This core values serve as the guiding principles for the student leaders.


Student Leadership Development Framework - Approaches

Two main approaches are adopted by the school. They are Servant Leadership and Inclusive Design.

‘Serving is leading’ is Servant Leadership underlying philosophy. Servant leadership is not only a set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, but ultimately creates a more just and caring world.

Inclusive design might not be interpreted solely as product-based outcome. It is also an ongoing reflective process for the student leaders.

Student Leadership Development Framework - Outcomes

PEPS student leaders make valuable impact to themselves, the school and/or the community through various leadership opportunities.
PEPS leadership opportunities:
1. Group Leaders
2. Librarians
3. Subject Champs
4. Primary 2 Student Champs
5. Cyberwellness Ambassadors
6. SPS (Student Peer Supporters)
7. Kindness Ambassadors
8. NE Ambassadors
9. CCA Chairman and CCA Vice-chairman
10. Prefects
PEPS student leaders global awareness is also developed through their leadership roles and designated school leadership programs. This is part of equipping students with emerging 21st century competencies.

Student Leaders' Moments


Prefects - Organising Teachers' Day Concert


Student Leaders' Annual Camp


Prefects Investiture and PLEGE Club Initiation


CCA Leaders - Preparing and facilitating Lower Primary Game’s Day


Student Leaders – Young Technopreneur Program


Student Leaders – Global Leadership Program for to Phnom Penh and Prey , Cambodia


Student Leaders – Leading and initiating various school activities