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Visual & Performing Arts

Performing Arts (PA) CCA provide opportunities for students to develop a lifelong passion for the arts. PA CCA also nurture students’ creative expression, enrich social, cultural and historical awareness, and build character.

Each of the PA CCA is distinctive as it comprises its own set of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The four main Learning Outcomes of the PA CCA are achieved through Appreciating, Creating, Presenting and Responding. These Learning Outcomes cover the extent of students’ experiences that their PA CCA develops them in.
a. In Appreciating, students are involved in discussing and relating to the value of the respective art form and how this art form applies in their lives and societies across cultures.
b. In Creating, students participate in activities to apply the art-form skills, techniques and processes.
c. In Presenting, students will gain the opportunities to put to practice and showcase their skills in the art form.
d. In Responding, students will learn to think critically and show confidence in their ability to make judgements of art works using vocabulary that is appropriate and representative of the art form.