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Mr Yazid
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Princess Elizabeth School Field

The Princess Elizabeth Primary School Soccer CCA started in the year 1997. This year, we have 66 members.  We have two teams which are the Junior and Senior team.  The Junior team consists of the pupils from Primary 3 to 5, while the Senior team is from the Primary 6 pupils.


Highlights for this year

This year, the Senior team participated in the West Zone Inter-School Tournament.  The boys were exposed to competitive matches where they display positive values and qualities such as sportsmanship, teamwork, resilience and courage. Our Senior boys won one of the three competitive matches. Despite the loss, we (coaches) were happy to see the character displayed by the boys throughout the tournament.   


Objectives of Soccer CCA at PEPS

  • Develop social skills & self-confidence.
  • Learn the fundamental soccer skills and knowledge of the game.
  • Participation  through fun and positive manner.
  • Developing character and 21CC.

Weekly Activities

Unity in action: To inculcate discipline and unity within the team.