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Harmonica Ensemble


Mrs Sharon Tiew

Mrs Elizabeth Ting
Mdm Jainub
Ms Diyana


The harmonica is a small and versatile instrument played in every kind of Music and in most cultures all over the world. It is a rectangular wind instrument with a row of reeds along its length, held against the lips and moved from side to side to produce different notes by blowing or drawing. It is an instrument that is easy and fun to learn even without Musical background.

The Harmonica Ensemble in Princess Elizabeth Primary School was formed in 2007 and it focuses on developing the musician in every child. It has grown from strength to strength and there are over 65 members who have joined this CCA for the love of Music.

Our Objectives

  • To teach our pupils the proper skills and techniques of harmonica playing 
  • To nurture our pupils’ Musical talents to their fullest potential
  • To enhance social interaction, leadership, self-confidence and self-discipline   anchored on our school’s core values (PRINCESS)

Our Targets

  • To sustain our pupils’ interest in the learning of the harmonica and hone their  playing techniques and skills
  • To participate in school and external programmes and performances e.g.  (Values-In-Action at St Luke’s Hospital, Prize Giving Day and End-of-year Concert)
  • To achieve a Certificate of Distinction in SYF Arts Presentation in 2016

Our Activities

The Harmonica Ensemble has weekly practices where the pupils learn how to play popular songs such as ‘Doremon’, ‘You are my Sunshine’ ‘Singapore Town’ and many others.

They also play bonding games to foster good team spirit among members.

Our Achievements

Year Awards
2014 Certificate of Accomplishment (Silver Award)
2012 Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging – Silver
2010 Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging – Silver